Le Rosey - Le Classique

Institut Le Rosey - Rolle

A generalist camp with a twist. Specialise in one area with the morning Academy of your choice. Practice 
the sports and arts that you already love and try something new from the 30 activities on offer in the afternoon. Enjoy the weekend sorties and the evening entertainment alongside 300 other students from 50 different countries.


Choose one of the following academies to specialise in during the four weeks of camp. There are 2 daily morning periods of 75 minutes:

Sports, Tech & Creative Activities
Sports, Tech & Creative Activities

Choose 7 from the following options, there are 2 daily periods of 90 minutes:

Additional options
Additional options

Included in the price of the camp

Real Madrid Foundation Football Clinic

Tony Parker Basketball Training by ASVEL

Dates July 5 – July 30, 2021
Duration 4 weeks
Activities Choose between four morning academies. Make your own personalised Sports and Arts programme to enjoy in the afternoons.
Languages French or English
Age Group 8-15 years old
Price per session CHF 13,900

Le Rosey Camps offer the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the Rosey spirit, become more independent, forge lifelong friendships and of course, have fun in a short couple of weeks. A unique experience in true Rosey style!

Live in an international and multi-cultural environment (78 nationalities), where swapping from one language to another becomes as easy as counting “one, two, three”. Enjoy the breath-taking scenery, whether by the lakeside or in the Swiss Alps with our wide range of sports and excursions. Develop your artistic talents, theatre skills and musical ability in Rolle at our futuristic Paul & Henri Carnal Hall.

Le Rosey Camps

  • Le Rosey Camps have a fixed duration and are unable to accommodate late arrivals or early departures
  • All students are expected to complete the full program