Excellence Camp

Le Rosey

Adventure is out there! A small group of 10 motivated and adventurous teenagers embark on an unforgettable 2-week journey through the Swiss Alps and aboard a yacht.

Mountain adventure week
Mountain adventure week

A unique opportunity to enjoy a superb adventure in the heart of the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Offshore navigation week
Offshore navigation week

Learn how to handle a large yacht, using both engine and sails; practice sailing manoeuvres

Dates July 7th - July 21st 2019
Duration 2 weeks
Activities Mountain adventure and ocean adventure
Languages -
Age Group 12 - 16 years old
Price per session CHF 15,500 + CHF 200 pocket money

Ipharra is a 34-metre catamaran sailboat built for offshore cruising. It is a secure, well-furnished, fast yacht which has 4 triple-berth cabins with bathrooms for the students and 3 cabins housing the 5 crew members.Ipharra also has a classroom equipped with IT resources; a huge cockpit which serves as a dining room/meeting area and cinema; a reading room, and a flying deck used for marine observation, astronomy and sun bathing!

Le Rosey Camps offer the opportunity to experience a glimpse of the Rosey spirit, become more independent, forge lifelong friendships and of course, have fun in a short couple of weeks. A unique experience in true Rosey style!

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