The Eagle

Aiglon College

Those attending The Eagle programme are setting off upon journeys of their own, hungry for new horizons and an independence which will help shape them as young adults. Each week of our Summer School is designed to give them expert guidance, while encouraging them to wholeheartedly engage with exciting new experiences - whether that is physically on our mountain during challenging expeditions, or academically in the classroom.

The Eagle is aimed toward teenagers who are hungry to experience more challenging subject matter, to get to grips with ideas that go beyond the fundamental and really delve into fascinating opportunities for discovery. As such, we have developed a range of courses which reflect The Eagle students’ readiness for more complex ideas, featuring a structure that places emphasis upon both individual achievement and the development of greater teamwork skills. Each academic option is led by experienced teachers, who regularly audit their curriculum to ensure students receive the most effective and most relevant educational experience available.

Interactive English or French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
Interactive English or French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)

Single or multiple week curriculum options.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses for students looking to improve their skills in English or French. Aiglon uses interactive games and collaborative classroom projects to engage students and develop language skills. The mother tongue of the Summer School is English, so students have a high level of exposure to English during their stay. The mother tongue of the local region is French, and part of the French course is exploring the local area using French skills learnt at Aiglon.

Leadership Challenge Course
Leadership Challenge Course

Aiglon has the perfect setting for a leadership course, using the school campus and the surrounding mountain environment. This course teaches the key elements of leadership, and includes some classroom theoretical learning which will then be taken and practiced outdoors.

The course has a varied structure with practical activities including camp craft and survival skills, body language and public speaking, team challenges, map reading and orienteering.

The Summer School overnight expedition is an excellent way for students to put into practice some of the skills they have learnt during the course.

Course Details
This course is recommended for students that have intermediate English and above.
Starting 03 July or 17 July, a 2 week course

Science and Engineering Explorer Course
Science and Engineering Explorer Course

STEM subjects offer some of the most fascinating and enriching opportunities. Our Science and Engineering explorer course is the perfect environment to encourage the natural curiosity of students who live for experimentation, students who take things apart to understand the inner workings, and students who are obsessed with discovering how the universe works!

Students create a course folder of activities which range from rocket building and robot programming to mountain science and botany. The course is hands-on and interactive - a great new extension to the Summer School.

Course Details
Recommended for students that have intermediate English and above.
03 July, 17 July, 24 July, as a two week curriculum option

SAT Preparation Course
SAT Preparation Course

Eagle students are often conscious that those weeks spent exploring the Alpine environment at Aiglon is time they could be spending in valuable preparation of SAT or ACT exams. This can be a difficult and stressful time, and as a result we’ve created a special programme that combines the Summer School activities and expeditionary experience with one week fully dedicated to SAT and ACT prep (01-06 August). Students may also attend the Summer School for only this course.

We are fortunate to be able to offer this course, which is led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor, whose inspirational approach unlocks in students a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This is an ideal opportunity for students to level-up their potential SAT & ACT scores.

Please note that this course is intensive - SAT preparation sessions will run in the morning and evening. Students are able to join a Summer School afternoon activity during the week, or if they wish, attend a supervised SAT study session in the afternoon.

Course Details
One week curriculum option only. (Week 6, 01 - 06 August)

Golf, Tennis or Horse riding
Golf, Tennis or Horse riding

At Aiglon, we are fortunate to spend each day surrounded by the incredible vistas provided by our Alpine environment. Switzerland continues to offer opportunities to be inspired, and avenues for exploration.

These new morning courses will focus on teaching students their chosen activity of tennis, golf or horse riding. In addition, during the course students will also explore the local community, play team sports and experience the varied mountain geography.

Course Details
03 July, 17 July, 24 July, as a two week residential course option, or as a one week non-residential option.
Tennis, Horse riding and Golf all have an additional 500Chf fee.
The course runs for 5 morning sessions across a 2 week course, alongside other Summer School activities including the camping expedition, team sports, swimming and excursions to explore the local area.
The courses will run as group lessons.

Dates ONE WEEK PROGRAMME: Intensive SAT Preparation - 01 - 06 August 2021 / TWO WEEK PROGRAMMES: 03 July - 16 July 2021 17 July - 30 July 2021 24 July - 06 August 2021 / THREE WEEK PROGRAMME 03 July - 23 July 2021 17 July - 06 August 2021 / FOUR WEEK PROGRAMME 03 July - 30 July 2021
Duration 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks
Activities Morning activities: Languages, Leadership, Entrepreneurship or SAT Preparation. Afternoon activities: sports, arts & expeditions.
Languages French or English
Age Group 13 - 16 years old

The more you overcome, the more capable you are to set out upon ambitious journeys. The Eagle programme will help you prepare you not just for our mountain expeditions, but help you relish the challenges in the world beyond.

Whether you are considering applying to Aiglon's full academic year or simply want them to enjoy a few weeks of exciting and rewarding adventures, our summer programmes give children the opportunity to experience the best of Aiglon and its unique environment.