The Classic - Aiglon

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This classic programme offers a focused morning course of your choice that will allow your child to broaden their language skills, or study a new topic.

Each day then features a range of afternoon and evening activities within the framework of Aiglon's unique ethos and environment. Each programme also includes an expedition to develop outdoor skills and enjoy time around the campfire.

Interactive English or French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)
Interactive English or French (Beginner to Advanced Level Course)

Single or multiple week curriculum options.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses for students looking to improve their skills in English or French. Aiglon uses interactive games and collaborative classroom projects to engage students and develop language skills. The mother tongue of the Summer School is English, so students have a high level of exposure to English during their stay. The mother tongue of the local region is French, and part of the French course is exploring the local area using French skills learnt at Aiglon.

Performing Arts Course
Performing Arts Course

Two week curriculum option only. (Weeks 3 & 4 only, starting 20 July)

The Performing arts course is perfect for students that love to be on the stage! Script creation, costume planning, coaching on performance skills, filmmaking and editing - all culminating in a performance to the whole summer school. An exciting course that will develop confidence in students! Recommended for students that have intermediate English and above.

Maths & Science Investigator Course
Maths & Science Investigator Course

Two week curriculum option only. (Weeks 1 & 2 or 3 & 4, starting 6 or 20 July)

The Maths and Science investigator course is a new and exciting course at Aiglon, perfect for students that have many questions of why and how things happen! Students build a course folder of activities which range from rocket building and robot programming to mountain science and botany. The course is hands on and interactive - a great new extension to the Summer School. Recommended for students that have intermediate English and above.

Dates 06 July - 19 July 2019 / 20 July - 02 August 2019 / 27 July - 09 August 2019
Duration 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks
Activities Choose between four morning academies. Make your own. personalised Sports and Arts programme to enjoy in the afternoons.
Languages French or English
Age Group 9-16 years old
Price per session 2 weeks: CHF 6,400 / 3 weeks: CHF 9,600 / 4 weeks: CHF 12,800 / 5 weeks: CHF 16,000

Gain confidence. Know yourself. Understand others. From a full timetable of lessons to a unique variety of outdoor activities, Summer School students leave Aiglon with a new perspective on what it means to develop themselves in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are considering applying to Aiglon's full academic year or simply want them to enjoy a few weeks of exciting and rewarding adventures, our summer programmes give children the opportunity to experience the best of Aiglon and its unique environment.